We want to hear your ideas for making Baltimore a stronger, healthier, safer, smarter and more innovative and vibrant city.

Submit a 60 second video sharing your innovation and how it will make Baltimore a better place! Be creative and think outside the box.

The Warnock Foundation Social Innovation (WFSI) Fellowship provides Baltimoreans with the opportunity to implement their ideas/innovation to make Baltimore a vibrant city to live, learn and grow! The WFSI fellowship provides meaningful professional development, mentorship and sponsorship to twelve Baltimore leaders/innovators twice a year. The overarching goal is to utilize the talent that is already exist in Baltimore to grow and guide them to creating innovations that will impact their community and city.

Applying Process
Applicants will submit a 60 second video sharing their innovation and how it will make Baltimore a better place! Be creative and think outside the box.

Timeline of Application process:
Applications open 6/20/19-9/20/19

The Warnock Foundation looks for:
The Warnock Foundation seeks Baltimore innovators who have an idea to make Baltimore a better place. Applicants do not need to have an established business but should possess the skills, drive, and vision to implement their innovation.

To be eligible:

  • Applicants must live in Baltimore
  • Must be willing to use their talents, resources and network to support the greater good of others
  • Must be willing to commit to attending educational sessions and submitting monthly updates.

What The Warnock Social Innovation Fellowship offers?
 WSIF provides innovators with the opportunity to:

  • Have access to Mentors 
  • Utilize advisors and business leaders to develop strategies to grow and sustain their innovation. 
  • Connect and collaborate with other Warnock Fellows

 A huge part of the fellowship will teach innovators how to effectively build sustainable networks to enhance their innovation.

Up  to 12 innovators will be accepted into the cohort and each will receive:

  • $2,000 in funding for their innovation
  • Access to Business mentors 
  • One-on-one coaching and support from the Warnock Foundation leaders and advisors
  • Workshops and sessions allowing innovators to learn from local and national leaders
  • Editorial Feature
  • Access to media platform to share thoughts, opinions etc.

 Program Structure
Time Commitment
As a Warnock Social Innovation fellow, there are several program dates each fellow must commit to which will be provided upon acceptance. Applicants should plan on attending monthly educational sessions, monthly networking events and leadership tours

Please note this fellowship is specifically for innovators that are looking to impact Baltimore. 

The Warnock Foundation