The Warnock Foundation

There are presently no open calls for submissions.


We want to hear your ideas for making Baltimore a stronger, healthier, safer, smarter, more innovative and vibrant city!!!

Submit your 30 second video sharing your innovation and how it will make Baltimore a better place! Be creative and think outside the box.

Applying Process

Applicants will submit a 30 second video sharing their innovation and how it will make Baltimore a better place! Be creative and think outside the box.

Review process

Applications will be reviewed by a committee, whom will select 24 finalists. Finalists will be invited to an interview with the committee on October 23rd, 24th, or 25th.

 The Warnock Foundation looks for:

The Warnock Foundation seeks innovative, driven and determined applicants who see opportunities within Baltimore and is looking to invest their time and energy in making Baltimore a vibrant, growing and innovative city. The Warnock foundation is looking for applicants who are deliberate about developing a potential solution rooted in Baltimore and is willing to exert extraordinary dedication to make the potential solution a reality.

To be eligible:

Applicants must live in Baltimore

  What The Warnock Social Innovation Fellowship offers?

WSIF provides innovators with the opportunity to:

  1. Develop and refine strategies for growth and sustainability;
  2. Connect with business leaders throughout Maryland to learn effective strategies to grow and sustain their innovation
  3. Paired with a business mentor
  4. Connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs and Warnock fellows.


Up to 12 innovators will be accepted into the cohort and each will receive:

  • $2,000 in funding for their innovation
  • Dedicated business mentors and access to an extensive network of advisors
  • One-on-one coaching and support from the Warnock Foundation leaders and advisors
  • Workshops and sessions where innovators learn from experienced entrepreneurs and social business leaders
NEW! Program Structure

 Time Commitment

Committing to make Baltimore a more vibrant and growing city is a major task, and it takes dedication, passion and time. With the proper structure and leadership, The Warnock Foundation believes that innovators that are selected can have a huge impact. As a Warnock Social Innovation fellow, there are several required event dates as well as check-in meetings. 

Mandatory program dates:

·         Cohort welcome reception: November 10th 6pm

·         Cohort educational session #1: November 11th 9am-2pm

·         Cohort educational session #2: November 18th 9am-2pm

·         Camden Christmas Party/Mentor meet & greet:

·         Cohort educational session #3: January 13th 9am-2pm

·         Cohort Education session #4: January 25th 6pm-9pm

·         Cohort Education session #5: February 10th 9am-2pm

·         Cohort Education session #6: February 22nd 6pm-9pm

·         Cohort Education session #7: March 10th 9am-2pm

·         Cohort Education session #8: March 22nd 6pm-9pm

·         Cohort corporate leadership visits #1: Last week in January

·         Cohort corporate leadership visits #2: Second Week in February

·         Exit Interviews March

There will be some standardized programming for all participants, but a large part of Warnock Fellowship offering is one-on-one mentoring and coaching, which will be highly personalized

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